Learning to Create Systems : Extratextual Reviews

First, read Sharon Mattern’s brief blog post here:


(You may need to do a little outside reading to understand some of the references.)

I would also suggest Deb Chachra’s blog post here:


Choose a specific extratextual scholarly project and review it for us on through a short, 1-2 page blog post or essay (with screenshots or other illustrations). Alternatively, you can record yourself reflecting on it via video or sound (Unpolished “vlog” style analysis is fine.) You may work in groups on this if you wish. Post by next class somewhere we can all access it.

Possible sources for projects:


Please address, explicitly or implicitly, in your review the following questions (in any old order):

What is it?
Who is the audience, and how was it distributed?
How did it get made? Whose labor?
Was there any sort of editorial or peer review?
How do you think the creator would demonstrate its success?
Does it propose or offer any sort of repeatable “cultural technique?”
Can you imagine something like this making a substantive contribution to your academic field?