Learning to Create Systems – Course information

This course explores “extratextual” forms of scholarship. Such forms include : interactive digital software or hardware; datasets; visualizations; artworks; performances; publishing & distribution platforms; review structures; rubrics; standards; course syllabi; workshops; methodologies; (and more!). Our emphasis will be on medial forms that might form a part of your future portfolio of reviewed products and accomplishments for purposes of dissertation, job application, or tenure.

You will realize, alone or in groups, at least one such object, as a working model, prototype, or pilot with a clear path to expansion or realization with future support. Along the way, you’ll research peer projects and contextual literature for presentation to the class, in the service of educating our group on emerging possibilities and prospects.

We’ll also bring our own critical tools to bear on forming evaluative criteria for the objects we propose or produce.

For a full syllabus, see here.