Fellowships available for new students

The Learning to See Systems project seeks applicants for six new two-year fellowships. These fellows will work closely with one another and with faculty on an interdisciplinary exploration of technology and vision in the context of traditional and experimental Humanities research.

The awards are available to new students admitted to Masters or PhD level Humanities programs at Illinois starting Fall of 2013.

Possible areas of inquiry include (but are far from limited to):

  • visual culture of science (pre- or post- digital)
  • critical race theory in the context of online identity
  • mapping and archiving technologies of colonial and counter-colonial space
  • information visualization as a mode of speech
  • digital photography and mobile publics
  • imaging and surveillance in statecraft and citizenship
  • visual rhetorics of communication
  • museum practices in online or virtual environments
  • network representation in infrastructure studies
  • adoption narratives for new technologies
  • image politics of and in the Global South
  • translation and transmission of visual culture

Candidates should apply to one of the Graduate Programs represented among the Project Faculty, and then contact the appropriate Faculty member to indicate interest in the Learning to See Systems track. In addition to an outstanding record for admission, each candidate should bring

  • curiosity about the role of technology in her field
  • interest in how communications technology or ‘technologies of sight’ shape how we consume, analyze and produce culture
  • a stated interest in vision and visibility
  • willingness to work collaboratively / curiosity about others
  • openness to exploration of alternative scholarly tools from digital media and beyond
  • an interest in practice-based approaches to scholarship as well as traditional writing and reading methods.

Each fellowship includes a $20,000 per year stipend, as well as a waiver of tuition and campus fees. Some summer assistantships are also available.


To apply for these positions, apply for admission to one of the following programs and then contact the appropriate Faculty member from this project to let them know of your interest in the Learning to See Systems track:

  • African American Studies Program : Graduate Concentration
  • Art History Program, School of Art and Design : M.A. , Ph.D
  • Department of Communication : M.A. , Ph.D.
  • Studio Art MFA Program, School of Art and Design
  • Media and Cinema Studies Program / Institute of Communications Research (College of Media) : Ph.D.

Deadlines are fast approaching. Please contact individual Graduate Program offices for more details on their application process.