Ramping up to Project Proposals: Week Three

Please prepare at least one, and hopefully two or three, brief one-line ideas for extra-textual projects you would like to work on. They should be short – we’ll just be writing them down on paper, boards and things to get a sense of possible directions next week. Don’t worry about whether the project is scaled well, or feasible, or contextually-framed. Just hunches is all we’re looking for – wishes and interests that you may have no idea whether are possible. They also don’t have to be original in form. For example, you could say “I’d like to make a project just like [x] but with content from my area of work.”

For reference and imagination, here are some of the categories I suggested last week:

Digital Interactive Objects – Visualizations – Alternative Publishing Platforms – Tools/Instruments – Performances/Artworks – Datasets – Courses – Rubrics/Standards

The only requirement is that you be able to complete this sentence about each idea you bring : “This would be useful to me as a scholar because ….”


I’ve also selected a few readings that extend our brief discussions of materiality, audience, and knowledge in some different directions. Please pick one and offer a blog post that explores at least one project we’ve looked at so far (or a new one from the compendia I posted last week) in light of your chosen article.

If you’re imagining a possible project that includes or facilitates participation by others, or that involves ethnographic work, try this one:


If you’ld like to think more about academic labor in light of all these digital projects, try this one:


Here’s one that takes on the relationship of “permanence” claims, digital work, and activism in the academy (including more about the Immigrant Tool):


And here’s one gets to the questions about materiality and performance in light of visualization: